An interesting style in today’s outdoor art.

The world of art is searchinglooking for a bran new method of expression. Modern artists have make a lot of outstanding pictures and installations, many of them are just incomprehensible for an average spectator, but there is an interesting brand new style in art – outdoor art and murals.Artists have created paintings on walls even in prehistoric times (for example there are very famous and beautiful pictures in caves in the west Europe). Today most of all we have street graffiti (pictures and signs maked with colour), but lots of them are nothing more but vandalism, nevertheless some have got a large artistic weight.

Few tricks on how to easily redesign your daughter's place with fantastic fairy tales and princess murals

princess murals
Author: Eli Christman
Kids can be quite demanding when it comes their room design. Well, maybe not the youngest ones but a bit older child can already have a few demands. We don’t have to MENtion that usually a boy will choose a thought for a space filled with Spider-Man or Batman posters, where a girl wants to have a real princess room.