IKEA - the best store with furniture and house accessories

Author: Kyle Brammer
Right now it is much more comfortable and cheaper to arrange Your entire house. Thanks to modern technologies, prizes of furniture and accessories are far lower, each person may afford basic stuff, such as couches and stillages for example.

How make impression on business colleagues and make more happy your offsprings – images and design in firm and at home.

interior design
Author: Le Pukka concept store
Source: Le Pukka concept store
The lastest fashion in interior design are murals. This brand new style is very popular in big cities, nevertheless we may see this sort of design in little towns, in private houses and on corporatopn walls.
This style has strong impact on giant and little firms and that is the main way of appearing office murals on their walls. Murals patterns are various, they are connected with firm branches or their products.