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Green and vivid wallpapers: how to add a bit of exoticism to ordinary life?

People frequently dream of driving to the remote places in the globe. Untamed environment is fascinating, but not always accessible. Luckily, everybody can afford the imitation of this in her own house.

Jungle at home

What if the wall will picture the beauty of unusual plants, rainforests or waterfall? The sun can shine intensively through the big fronds and the view of quiet stream could give a real peace. It could be a good concept to create a colourful jungle mural inside the room, on the contrary to putting up the simple and boring wallpaper. For every person who loves nature, this type of mural will be the great decision. It can evoke the dreams and build restful atmosphere for householders in living room. The visitors will be enchanted too. There is plenty of concepts and photos that can be applied here.

jungle mural
Author: Mermaid Properties Sp. z o.o.

Not just plants

When somebody is brave enough, he may choose the graphics showing a wild species, for instance a puma. It can have a realistic look, but not obligatory. For children’s room the cartoon version is possibly better. Naturally, it is important to ensure whether the child is not afraid of it. Another idea is the mural presenting exotic birds like macaws and toucans. These animals are less “frightening” and look wonderful among the green lianas and fronds. They can revive the room with their vivid colours as well. Cold outside, exotic summer indoor? Why not.

Mural is a straightforward and not costly way to revitalise the flat. Perhaps a trip to the wild forest is not possible for everybody, but the substitute for this may be created in each flat or house.