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Is it achievable to change the flat and make it more vital without spending a big amount of money?

The renewal of the flat or house is a great moment for adding some changes into it. Women often say that after several or a lot of years the design became boring. They need to change some things, but they are not sure what it should be.

Author: Jorge de la Llama

The fact is there is no need to change everything. Firstly, the costs ought to be figured out. Not everybody can afford to purchase completely new furniture and renew all the rooms at once. It could be better to do it step by step, beginning from only one room. What is more, if the accessories are still in a good shape and rather new, not everything ought to be thrown out. Modification of the wall is usually sufficient. The same furniture looks totally dissimilar when they are placed against white or for instance yellow colour. What is more, the hues can create the mood – the psychology based on colours works here. It is well-known that green colour is appeasing. That is why some people choose to paint the living room with a bright, green paint. Yellow is a colour of optimism, it makes easier to concentrate as well. That is why at some schools halls are yellow. Delicate blue will look good in dormitory - it makes falling asleep easier. Of course colourful decorations and some elements like table napkins or rug also create the cosiness.

Modification of the room character and renovation may be a good fun for all the inhabitants.

Children can help with painting or choosing some new accessories in the shop. Also, the money spend on that does not need to be very high. The result often depends mostly on the people’s ingenuity.